P90X Workout Review

P90x.com Review and Results

Here is a story of one man’s journey with P90x from beginning to end. I’ve been posting on this blog for 90 days straight about my workouts with p90x. I started with one goal in mind. To get in the best shape of my life by the end of the 90 days. The P90x Results were conclusive. I not only gained muscle mass, lost weight, lost body fat percentage, but the most important thing is, I feel Amazing at the age of 36. I want to break down as much information as I can for you (the fellow P90xer).  This page will set you up for your 90 day journey and get you into the best shape of your life.

P90X.com Review

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There are definitely certain aspects of this whole process you need to consider before you commit. This is not something you pick up at a Fitness store and do two times a week. This is a true time commitment and lifestyle change. When I was looking for a workout program 90 days ago, I told myself, the only way I’m going to see results was to be 100% committed. Half ass doesn’t cut it when you commit to getting in the best shape of your life.

Here is my breakdown of what you will find in this P90x review.

    My P90x Results and Pictures
    Why p90x?
    P90x Exercise Program – Guide – Worksheets
    P90x Nutrition Plan
    What you Need?
    Final Thoughts

My P90x Results from start to Finish

This has my Fitness test results before I started p90x and the results after I finished my 90 days. This also includes my statistics based on what I tracked. There are also pictures of where I started and how I finished. You can see these pictures using the links below the fit test numbers.

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Fitness Test Results
Day 1
Day 90
16 lbs. lost
Body Fat Percentage
50% lost
Resting Heart Rate
Pull ups
Vertical Leap
15 inches
17 Inches +2
Inches Past toes Stretch
1.5 inches
3 inches +1.5
In and Outs to Failure
103 +62
Seated Wall Squats
60 Seconds (Killer)
4 Minutes +3 Minutes
Arm Curls to Failure
16 Reps – 30 lbs
30 reps – 30 lbs +14 reps
First Heart Rate Max
132bpm +24
Third Heart Rate
84bpm +10

You can see my Start to finish photos.
Biceps Front
Biceps Back
Hands on Hips

Why p90x Fitness?

If you’re still reading this, you’re most likely interested in a few things. How do I get back in shape? What is P90x? What results will I get with P90x? What does it take to complete P90x? These are all real questions most prospective people have before working out with something new. This is exactly what I did before I started my campaign. About 2 years ago I saw an Infomercial for P90x. My wife and I remember watching it together and we felt intrigued. However, as cool as it looked with all the muscle confusion talk and the results they were showing, we still didn’t order the Fitness program. Two years later the wife and I were ready to make a commitment to our health. Guess What? What comes on the TV? The good ole P90x Infomercial. Talk about results of that marketing campaign, Beachbody did it right.  We were chomping at the bit.

Although it was two years later, we had it within a week. We chose P90x since we were committed to something bigger than a gym membership or a single workout routine. We needed something with some real power. This exercise program has it all. It works your Body, Mind and nutrition. This was a no brainer for us and we were extremely happy with our purchase before we even had it. A big reason why you should jump on this program is to get what you want. A better you.

P90x Exercise Program – Guide – Worksheets

I was finally ready to go once I got all of my equipment in place and the DVD’s in stock. There was a lot to learn even before I did my first workout. Not only was proper form one of the most critical things, it is talked about in almost every DVD.P90x DVD's

The Program consists of a 13 week cycle. There are three different styles of the workout. Classic/Doubles/Lean  I completed the Classic and was fortunate enough to complete the whole 90 days without missing one day. I was worried I would get sick, but being in the best shape of my life I guess fought it off.  Here are the workouts in a nutshell.

1. Back and Chest – A superset of the two largest muscles areas on the body and you crush them like no other. For the amount of reps you do, your muscles will adjust over time. When you first start out you’ll want to take it a bit slow. Once you see yourself pushing to new levels, you can go harder. Just remember there are a lot of exercises.

Favorite Move – Reverse Grip Chin up – I’m able to do the most amount of reps in this exercise.

2. Plyometrics – Talking about producing the power you need in any athletic move, Plyometrics will work you out like no other.  The first few times I did this, I was begging for it to be over.  By the end, I was rocking this thing out.  This gets your heart rate up and your legs pumping.  There is enough room on every exercise for you to modify, so it fits your level.  A good surface to work on is also important as well as a good pair of P90x Workout Shoes.

Favorite Move – Jump Knee Tuck – Tony Horton calls it the mother of all the moves.  I learned that right away.  By the 8th or 9th week I was able to go full blown for the 30 seconds straight.  That is one exercise you may think about for a while.

3. Shoulders and Arms – Another maximum set and repetition routine.  You take these muscles and blow them out of the water until you can’t go no more.  It is important to focus on form while your blasting your arms.  You’ll have a tendency to use more body.  It’s better to go less weight than to force more reps in bad form.

Favorite Move – Crouching Gohen Curl – These things really get down and dirty with your biceps.  I saw significant changes where this move works you the most.

4. Yoga X – This portion of the workout program will put a lot of people in some interesting spots.  I was able to enjoy the Yoga since I once did a lot of Yoga, but newbies to Yoga may find this really tough.  The workout itself is awesome and you just need to stick with it.  It will take time to get used too.  Focus on your breathe and it will bring all these other routines together.

Favorite Move – Yoga Belly 7 – This is a multipart Ab exercise that really gets the ABS going for Yoga.  It is a little late in the routine, but it still kicks your abs in gear where they need to be.  Remember, put in the effort and focus on your breathing.

5. Legs and Back – This was slated to be just a leg DVD, but in the end it turned out to be Legs and back.  Not only are you blasting all areas of your legs, the back gets a nice workout as well.  It’s a perfect timing piece since you are already near the end of the week, so the back will get the rest it needs before the next workout.  There are a lot of tough moves on your legs.  Wall Squats are always a good time.

Favorite Move – Calf Raises – You hit all three angles of the calves within a 3 minute period.  By the end you may be screaming.  You take the first half of the set slow and then you finish up fast amd strong.  A great calf routine for sure.

6. Kenpo X – A fun calorie burner that works every part of the body while sweating like crazy.  It took me a couple of times to get used to it, but after a while I really started liking this cardiovascular routine.  Your heart rate is up and you get to punch and kick.  It’s perfect.

Favorite Move – Knee Kick – The knee kick gets your blood pumping since you are doing fast knee kicks.  By the end of this exercise you feel it in your whole body.  Even the cardio breaks in between sets are fun.  X-Jacks Rock.

7. X Stretch – Flexibility is critical in all of these workouts and X stretch allows you to work on your flexibility on your rest days and recovery weeks.

Favorite Move – Cat Stretch – I always like a good back stretch.  It makes me sleep better at night.

8. Core Synergistics – Talk about the core of your body.  You will love this part of the workout.  This thing works every muscle in your body.  You get to really branch out here and do some new things.  A lot of push ups and Ab work.  Each exercise engages the next muscle over so you are always working.  You will burn lots of calories as well.

Favorite Move – Plank to Chaturanga Run – This thing will rock your world.  You are running in plank position, then you switch to Chatarunga run, which is running when your all the way down about to hit the floor.  This is huge on your hips.  The first time you do this, you may not be able to, but just keep trying.

9. Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps – Another blasting routine.  I came away from this routine every time with a lot of strength.  You really work these groups of muscles one after the other.  There is no looking back once you start this thing up.

Favorite Move – Pike Press - Almost like a shoulder press push-up.  You use your push up bars and get on your tippy toes.  Then you drop the crown of the head to the floor.  This rips the shoulders.

10. Back and Biceps – The good ole Glamor muscles.  You want nice arms then this routine is for you.  This will define the Biceps and Back.  Since you are crushing these two at the same time fatigue will set in, but just keep pushing to the best of your ability.

Favorite Move – Strip Set Curl – The final move of the routine.  You crush the Biceps on the last set of the day.  You start at the highest weight, and keep working down.  You do 8 reps drop weight then 8 more with the next weight.  You do this for four sets.  It’s a burner.

11. Cardio X – This routine is used in the lean program and for people who are not plyometrics ready.  It mixes, Yoga, Kenpo and Plyo in an all in one workout.  A great cardio workout for sure.  I only did this fitness program once, but when I did it I liked it very much.

Favorite Move – Swing Kicks – This gets your hip flexor in gear.  You swing both legs around a chair.  The higher you are the harder.

12. AB Ripper X – Probably the most used workout since you do it on all the core Muscle workouts.  This thing is not your average crunch routine.  It had me screaming up until Day 90.  If you are weak in the AB area this one is for you.  You will hate this, but the P90x Ab Results will be shown.

Favorite Move – Mason Twist – Not only is this the last move, it is a tough one as well.  When you get to it, just do your best.

Workout Sheets

A critical part of doing this workout system is being able to track your results.  You can download and print copies of the workout sheets to see where you started and your progression a long the way.  Don’t get to crazy about the numbers.  Remember better form is more important than the numbers.  You’ll get a better workout this way.  The workout sheets will also tell you if you need to lower your weight or up it.  I was able to completely fill out my whole work sheet.  Cover to cover.  The move up in numbers was a bit mind boggling at the end, but it showed me that something was working for sure. In the end, STICK TO YOUR WORKSHEETS.

Workout Guide

This book gives you an overview of everything you will be doing on the DVD’s.  It’s best to read this book before you start.  You will know what to do before being told what to do.  It also explains the modified moves with the bands, chairs, and blocks.  This is a perfect compliment to the workout DVD’s.

P90X Nutrition

The second most critical thing after working out is eating right.  This is a huge feature of P90x and it can’t be ignored.  If you fail to eat the proper foods you will not only feel like crap, you will end up not getting the results you were expecting.  The nutritional guide P90x provides you with is a great guidance tool.

For me the number one thing was finding a balance with my Protein Powder and Protein Bars.  Everything else seemed to fall into place.  Prepping meal a day in advanced was helpful, but all in all it was difficult to follow the P90x nutrition guide like you are supposed too.  Modify is key and taking in the correct amount of calories is important.  Avoiding the heavy snacks will do wonders for you as well.  If you can eat 5 simple meals throughout the day you should have no problem with the correct intake.  If you are on the road a lot, you will really need to dig down with your food thoughts.

Favorite Breakfast Foods

Protein Shake

Eggs and Turkey Bacon


Favorite Lunch Foods

Bean Chili

Tuna Salad

Favorite Dinners

Filet Mignon


Chicken Dishes


Turkey Jerky



What do you Need for P90X?

There are some critical things you need besides the DVD’s.

A Good clear area to workout in.

Plenty of water and towels

A workout Mat

Weights if possible.  I found weights to give be  a better workout than the bands, but if you get used to the bands, I’m sure you will disagree with me.

A pull up Bar is a must

A good pair of shoes to workout in like the Nike Free Sparq

A good attitude

A very important thing for after workouts is the P90X Recovery Drink.  This is very important to your success.  You feel great later on in the day after a big workout.

Where to get P90X?

You can get P90X at the best rate by clicking here.  You will not find coupon codes or promo codes for P90X, but there are ways to save on your purchases.

Where you shouldn’t get it is from EBay or a P90x Torrent.  A lot of these hacked versions come with crappy quality.  Plus, it is  not much too pay for a lifestyle change and support the company that brought you this workout. You may also find sites that call the product PX90 or 90PX, but don’t worry, it is most likely the same thing just misspelled.


Get Ripped in 90 Days

Final Thoughts

Some Final words about P90X and what happens next.

Get On Track- This is a very difficult program not only physically, but mentally as well. I would recommend writing in a journal or blog to track your goals. A workout partner maybe what you need as well.

Find the Time – This workout routine takes a lot of time to complete. You must be able to commit at least one hour and 30 minutes a day for each workout. This includes a quick shower. Most of the workouts are 55 minutes, but if you have Yoga or AB Ripper X, you are talking more time.

A Good Place to Workout – Working out in my own home has been great, for others it may be too difficult. Find a good spot.

Tracking Your Stats – Another critical piece is what you write down during the actual workout. This gives you the motivation to get an extra rep or add more weight. It’s also nice to see your worksheet completely filled out at the end of the 90 days.

Push Play when You Start to Feel Pause as an Option – There will be plenty of days where you will be thinking about skipping a workout. This is a killer. I was fortunate enough to go 90 days straight without missing a day. I wasn’t going to let some Laziness button creep in and take over. There were plenty of times when I said nah, not today, but knew I must work even harder. Those workouts were the best.

Oh Yea – HAVE FUN!!! Make it fun.

What’s Next?
This is a seriously good question. I have several ideas in mind. I don’t plan to keep going at the rate I’m at right now. I would like to create a hybrid program that is four days a week. I will develop this over the next couple of weeks and hopefully post it here.

Like I’ve been saying since the inception of this blog.  Keep it Strong, Keep it Risickulous